Another Facebook response……Police road blocks

ImageRecently a Facebook buddy…..of questionable acquaintance posted that she was stopped by a road block on a local road, very near to where I live. Of course I was intrigued because later that evening I was going to be driving down that very road. Of course with no intentions of breaking the law, but out of sanity and time’s sake I was thankful to be informed before being stopped by the local gestapo and be asked to provide papers. undoubtedly I avoided said road and proceeded to take a much more efficient route and refrained from coming into contact with the local authorities.

However, as with the internet, someone disagreed. A gentlemen by the name of Dewayne whom I have no clue about, disagreed adamantly to her post and even through while not quite stating it alluded to the possibility that by her providing this information, a child who has been kidnapped could have gotten away! That a drunk driver could have possibly been stopped! He proceeded to play the good ole’ argument from guilt.

While I was typing my response I abruptly found out that she had deleted the post when I tried to send my finalized response to the good sir. All because he made an argument of essentially what if…….I don’t know what was worse, that he demonized the post, or that she caved in to deleting it purely because she was guilted into being told that sharing it was harmful.

What follows is the response that Dewayne will never receive. However for you, my followers which I am grateful to have as well as those who are merely passing by, I will share it with you. It holds what I know to be personally true, as well as what my personal beliefs are toward such actions that are conducted daily by the police……….

Road blocks are the quintessential show of force for a police state, “Papers please.” As a libertarian I can state that I personally find roadblocks illegal and unconstitutional, it is still law, no matter how flimsy and no matter what the local police choose to call these ‘check points’ to keep them legal.

You feed right into what they want you to believe, that they are ‘protecting’ you. Funny seeming that the Supreme Court has openly ruled that Police do not have a constitutional duty to protect anyone. You can tell Jessica Gonzales that the police are here to protect you, especially after she pleaded with police about her estranged husband who broke a protective order. Which when police didn’t respond to her pleas, he proceeded to kidnap her three young daughter and murdered them. Would a road block have helped then? Castle Rock v. Gonzales

The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment forbids the government to deprive individuals of life, liberty, or property without “due process of law. In 1989 the U.S. Supreme Court stated, “Nothing in the language of the Due Process Clause itself requires the State to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizens against invasion by private actors. Generally, the Due Process Clause does not provide an affirmative right to government aid, “even where such aid may be necessary to secure life, liberty, or property interests of which the government itself may not deprive the individual.
So with that a little bit of Ben Franklin……

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”



My response to an abortion meme…..


Just because it has the characteristics of a human being does not necessarily equate to it being alive. Humans since the beginning of time have equated inanimate objects with human characteristics and feelings, the philosophy of vitalism portrays itself in Pixar movies yearly.

The reason why abortions at the 12 week mark are legal in 50 states is due obviously to the fact of Roe vs. Wade. However………

The least known argument for Roe vs. Wade is that of viability. A 12 week old fetus is not viable outside of the womb, meaning that it cannot live on its own capacity without being inside the womb. Fetus viability is around and I believe legally set at 21 weeks. In which case abortions outside of medical reasons are illegal… add after the 21 week mark the mothers rights end and the states rights begin.

Interesting seeming that after that mark it is not about the fetus or the baby, but about the rights granted to the state over the control of the child, the baby or fetus or whatever at that point still has no rights, it’s just a swap of mothers rights to states rights.

Getting back on point however, a 12 week old fetus is not “alive” and no more a person than a seed is a full grown plant. While it has potential it is still a seed. However potential does not equate to absolutes, only probabilities.

While a 12 week old fetus shows distinctive characteristics of the human anatomy, which should be evident due to its DNA, does not mean it has life, only that it share traits known to humans.

However what is truly genuine about this little meme is the presumption that it is alive, even without conscious thought. An infant does not have a ‘self’ as we would contemplate our existence, much less a 12 week old cluster of forming DNA. 

While I personally do not believe that consciousness of self is a prerogative to life, this meme assumes it as truth in stating, 

“Anyone think its not a person?”

Meaning that the picture of the 12 week old fetus somehow has cognitive thought and a self identity. Which if you assume is true, would make a single ant that you would stomp on an individual conscious ant, with a sense of self. Would you stomp on an ant if you knew that it shared a conscious connection with us? But you will anyways, just like you will continue to kill flies and bugs and animals of all kinds. 

In closing, 

That 12 week old fetus is not viable on it’s own, it cannot survive outside of the womb on it’s own capacity; Not alive.

Even if we consider the plausibility that life has to have a conscious form of self identity, the 12 week old fetus falls short of cognitive self thought. Thus not alive. 

So what is alive about the fetus? It’s potential to become life, that is what is truly amazing. The thought is alive, other than that, all you are doing is projecting your ideals and ideas onto an object that is merely a construction of DNA and growing due to cell reproduction.

Entitlement in the 21st Century

ImageIn this day and age the word entitlement is an ugly word. Especially in context with “Echo Boomers” as my generation is apparently called.  Born between the years 1977 through 1994? Then you are an Echo Boomer! Congratulations if you are, if you are born before consider generation X, older than that your apart of the baby boomers, if you are born after 1994, well…..then you are generation Z.

However, for this blog we will only consider one generation, that of the Echo Boomers. For see generation Y is the 20 something’s of the world. Our generation is actually larger than the baby boomers if you can believe that! However there is a stigma that seems to follow our generation, entitlement. There seems to be this idea that our generation is selfish, lazy, entitled, going nowhere and don’t care etc. etc.

Now from my perspective at 26, I feel that these stigmas are almost always associated with a new generation, because they in the eyes of the older generation lack the qualities and abilities to do things “right” compared to what was done. For an example, the perfect hardworking 1940’s parents led to the birth of the 1960’s and a radical overhaul of American culture.

I really want to focus on the 20 something’s of this generation, for as we all know of the Wall Street protests a large majority were college grads and no other than 20 something’s. With that came the remarks of how can we at our age walk around with Ipads and Iphones tweeting and posting on FB about inequality while having luxuries that the previous generation never had! How dare them!

Lets zip back to the 1980’s and the economic boom of the Madonna’s and MTV. The average savings of income that was saved by a household on average was 10%, the rest…..spent. With new technology coming out and a revolution in culture around music and sports Americans were spending money. Advertising was on an all out war with Americans wallets. They even had fake cell phones so you could look like you had a real one! For adults! It would be like me purchasing a fake Ipad for my trips so I looked like I owned one. People spent money to look like they had money. People bought into the commercials with their favorite sports star and wanted, wanted, wanted……and it was cheap. Money was easy and things were cheap. The MTV generation wanted things, and they went and spent money to get them, it felt good.

Now, these were the people that raised the 20 something’s of the world! The MTV generation. Now grown knew what it took to make it long term, college. Purchase your future and you will gain all of what you desire, a house, a nice car, a family, financially security. So like most in my generation a huge emphasis was put on college, that the debt put on it was worth it and that this alone would guarantee a great future.

What happened? The greatest recession since the great depression, hell it might as well been another depression. Suddenly jobs were sucked up, corporations tightened their belts and benefits were thrown to the wind. Greed was rampant and corporatism was the religion of the Government. So many took to the streets angry, angry that they had spent so much time in college to see that it really wasn’t a promise, it wasn’t a guarantee it was something less. So are they entitled? Yes, not that hard work isn’t involved to get what they seek, but they were raised to think that college was all they needed.

So to all you from the older generation point at the faults of the youth, look deep into yourself and how you raised your child. The dependence on an education bar hard work and the faulty assumption that college for a job was a guarantee were not ideas that we came up with on our own, we were raised to believe it was true. So now that a large part of the youth has lost hope in the process, lost hope in the future and are fine with a subtle life, could possibly be a venture toward an America that looks hard at it’s promises and looks hard into the frugality. Because a large portion of those working middle wage jobs are those that sought college, those that found it to be wanting and found that it wasn’t truly worth it.

So it may not be completely lost as you may think. We as your generation will learn our lessons, but pointing a finger that has three pointing back at you only makes you look foolish. Only time will tell what the future will bring, however personally I feel that it will reverberate in how we see the failures and raise our children to make new mistakes.

Why retail will make you lose hope in humanity…..

ImageThere are currently over 1.5 million retail establishments employing over 19.8 million people, the average retail worker makes $25,310 a year. As a matter of fact most of the jobs created out of the recession were strictly retail related creating a whopping 527,000 jobs since the end of the recession. These facts come from DLS and the Huffington Post.

Not bad numbers when talking about employment of US citizens in this day and age. However these numbers are assuming that on average a retail worker will be paid on average 13 dollars an hour. What I would like to ask the Huffington post and DLS is where are these; 13 dollar an hour retail stores? COSTCO in my area starts off at 10, the place where I work currently pays a whopping 7.25 and hour and where I was previously employed at CVS, my wages started off at 9, then before I left was at 10.79. Three years at CVS and I was given after that time and a promotion another 1.79 an hour. Not complaining compared to some jobs that I have worked before, this was ‘good.’

When I applied at a local Wal-Mart job, with supervisor experience and over 11 years of retail experience they were willing to pay me an amazing 7.65 an hour! How gracious! However I give benefit that these numbers and pay in my area greatly vary from county to county as well as state to state.

So let’s use the BLA instead, which is the United States Department of Labor. It puts median wages at 10.15 and hour with a yearly wage at 21,110, which seems to be more accurate given the numbers from and other sources like So the average retail worker makes 10 dollars an hour, give or take, as well as taking into account what part of the country we are talking about.

So, two more facts about retail, retail is on average the most lowed paid job in the country, secondly, retail is the most common job in the US. So what does that mean, well take these two facts into context with the fact that retail is the most people oriented job in this country. Now I am not talking about the retail sector including HR and management that sits in offices states away, I am talking about the median workers, the backbone of the company, the workhorses that claim the authority of being the most common job in the country, the lowest paid on average employee, has the most people oriented job in the US.

This is extremely interesting, because if you look at other occupations that require ‘people’ skills, they either pay extremely well, or the payoff is substantial enough on an emotional level to give cause to their reasons for doing it. Take a Nurse for instance, most will tell you they do it for the love of the job, that being there for patients is what they live for, or something to that effect.  Oh, will some complain about patients and doctors, other co-workers and all the job responsibilities. Do not get me wrong, they went to school for this, put in their time. However it remains that at the end of the day they are looking at a median wage of around 25 to 30 dollars an hour! The other side would be humanitarians who just love helping people for free, or damn near free. They either do so for a cause or do so because they generally are kind and caring toward others that are less fortunate. They at the end of the week can focus on the good that they have done in the world and revel in the fact that they possibly changed someone’s life for the better.

Retail? Don’t get me wrong, there are some extraordinary customers and times in which you feel that your job has been validated in some sense. Like my time at Best Buy when a grandfather cried out of excitement that he would be able to video chat with his granddaughter who was overseas with his son that was in the military. That made my week! However, those wonderful people that touch your life are so far between that you wonder if they were just a fluke to begin with. Most of the days you will find that people will want to fist fight you over .50 cents.

People and customers on average are the rudest people that you will ever come across, they will demean you and your job, call you names, mock you, try as hard as they can to get you fired for whatever perceived notion that justifies their craziness. They will yell, kick, scream, whine, be extremely unreasonable that too a point it’s impossible to distinguish their behavior from a possible laps back to terrible twos. The things that we put up with in retail are driven 90% by customers, and 10% by management. Meaning that 90% of an employee’s discomfort comes from the very people they are supposed to serve! How rewarding! My main job and main function is to serve the main part that is most of my issues. We are already starting off on the wrong foot.

The 10% from management, well, that 10 comes from the amount of support we get from them. If you have good immediate management then you still have bad company management. If you have bad immediate management, then you have both. The company does not care, they only care about the bucks, of course they will give you a big speel about how customers this and customers that, however at the end of the day, SAVE MONEY and MAKE MO MONEY! Is the motto.

Cross lines with upper management just once, just once. Then you’re done, you do not pass go and you will not collect unemployment, because if you don’t quit they will make it so unreasonable that you will. So here we have a system of people that are the lowest paid in the country that have to deal with the worst types of people on a daily basis with no drive to really care for the people they are supposed to serve. Why should they? As a matter of fact, I have been told that retail is a stepping stone, and it has served me as much, but that you don’t really want to be doing that for the rest of your life. It’s not a sought after position, face it. It’s a crumby job, but people will expect the VERY BEST out of you while you are there!! Management will of course expect it and so will your customers, who in turn no matter how rude they are will immediately complain when not treated as royalty.

They seem to forget that the women they probably just yelled at is a single mother, working a job that pays a little more than min wage, she gets no insurance and can only get extra hours if management has an opening, however, remember save money make mo money, they don’t want to give her those hours, because she will then be eligible for insurance through the company! Oh dear, but their complaint was more important than her sanity.

This is why retail will ruin your outlook toward people. I have personally been fighting it very hard, hoping that when my opportunity to get out lets me change my perspective, that time will heal all wounds so to speak. Yet, I can’t help but stare at people at times and question what their true motives are. Retail has given me the ability to instantly judge without knowing anything about people. When your standing at the counter and you see someone walking up, you can tell two things, one their demeanor, and two how educated or how stupid this is about to be.

Same with now, walking through Wal-mart or some other wonderful consumerist feasting hall, dumb, retard, asshole, looks smart, kinda cool, WTF…….I can’t not just really want to find out who these people are, just what the hell do they want. Because as I stated, it’s about saving money and making mo money. Get the customers in, and them out ASAP, fuck conversations and screw genuine small talk. After years and years of this indoctrination its hard not to. When a stranger walks up and says hey, I don’t want any of their shit, what do you want, here, yeah, bye. I may be in a small minority, who knows, however I wanted to share my thoughts on what the downside of retail plays on your personal mindset toward humanity.

Advice, work retail to find out what the world provides, but do not EVER think that it will provide you with happiness or security. Any manager that tells you that it can has never found it, they are just chasing the company puppet and any employee who tells you so hasn’t been working at that company for that long.

Morality, the edifice of duplicity and power….

_sr_-monogram-version-ii-...Morality, something seen as a virtue. A conscious inclination to ones own conduct. Most in America would say that morality is dictated by an objective source that one cannot change nor live without the precept of morality. The esteemed invariability that most hold to an external, objective morality is based on the assumption of basic straw man arguments.

To dispute the claims of morality being an objective, invariable source of human ethics, I will pose the question of why is slavery bad? We hold the idea today that slavery is immoral. Then why not less than 200 years ago was slavery a common occurrence and deemed acceptable? I have one undeniable fact, society. Society changes and ever shifts, we are told what is and what is not. What is good and what is bad. What is to be seen and what is not to be seen.

Society is a distinctive part of the human species. We are a communicating, collaborating, or just plainly social creatures. We strive and live together to have a better chance at survival. With this configuration of society their at some point comes a hierarchy. People in charge, people who delegate and conform the group into a compatible community. With this comes rules, laws and social structure. How do we dictate these social structures? Dawkins would explain it as a Darwinian principle, quite simply that the structure of the human species is to adapt to a point of a “higher” calling. You don’t kill your neighbor because it is bad for a society to exist that deems murder as acceptable.

However, with Dawkins stark approach it is to altruistic. People by very nature are selfish, I care about what I want often, and think of what someone else wants seldom. It is only natural to act in this manner, it’s called your survival instinct or as Freud would put it you Id which desires for immediate gratification. So we develop a line, to empower our self’s above such a cave man mentality. We have given this line the name of morality. Killing is wrong because it is immoral. However where did these morals come from? As stated above from society. Churches, politicians, media, parents and friends who partake in this extravagant mirage of media and religion.

Morality is the Crux of power, what a powerful statement, let me explain. Timothy  McVeigh, after Waco and Ruby Ridge was upset with the government and bombed the Oklahoma city building. McVeigh who acted on pure secular reason believed that the government was out of bounds, and believed strongly in his oath of defending the country against enemies foreign and domestic and saw the government as the enemy immoral and corrupt. The government acting on purely secular reason attacked Waco and Ruby Ridge, why? Because they were under the impression and spewed the impression that these people were immoral and the masses followed. Now  McVeigh was raised that killing was wrong, and attended Church, however joined the military and learned that killing was “ok” if it was for a good cause and even justifiable as long as it was for God and Country.  McVeigh merely turned the same moral principles that he was taught through life against the very society that dictated his moral conduct.

Here is my view, morality is absurd. Morality is only for the powerful to decide and for you to be subservient to. Morality allows for wars to be fought, for people to be acceptable of killing people whom they know nothing about. It allows people to be bigots for no other reason than to be bigots, and to deny others love and happiness because they deem them immoral. Rabbis do not eat pork, why? Because it is immoral to do so. From what source? a book! Pork is actually very good however they choose not to partake of its goodness for the principle of morality. Even animals by definition have morality, but one thing animals do not have is empathy. The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a characteristic of the human kind. It is selfish and altruistic at the same time. You do not kill others for you do not want to be killed. You help other because you would want someone to do the same for you. You do not hate others for their skin color or sexual preference because you do not want to be judged on what you choose to be or love.

Embrace empathy, for empathy will not start senseless wars and bigotry and hatred. empathy frees people form cynicism. Do not let morality dictate what you believe but empathy, because power is guarded by morality.