What if men could experience childbirth? (My Response to Facebook’s new meme…)

Please watch the video in order to understand the context of this blog post………..http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=39c_1368515756
Ok, I am really tired of you girls posting things like this on Facebook like it has some aww inspiring transformational property. So first, to get this out of the way…….

I agree with women that birthing a child is something that is not simple, nor is it pleasant by any means. My intentions of this post is to show that making men go through what it “should” feel like is not a good comparison for your argument.

So in this video they make these two men, who seem to be completely full of themselves, go into an innocuous doctors office to do some science! They are placed on two tables in order to do a simulation of child birth. The experiment consists of putting electrodes on their abdomen and contract them to show what the contractions feel like to simulate child birth!

Sounds great right!? What a way to show stupid men how child birth feels! During the video you see the two men rolling around and kicking in agony over the pain that they feel during this process, and even at the end have a totally different outtake on giving birth! Amazing!


To most, this seems like a simple little experiment, smart ass husband, some electrodes and BAM, instant reassurance that they will understand pregnancy! Yet it’s for that reason that this experiment fails.

For starters, what they don’t tell you and what most men don’t know is that during the term of the pregnancy their is a natural build up of……drum roll please….. Endorphin’s! Meaning that the pain of actual pregnancy is already diminished by the body already inhibiting the pain.

Secondly, during the nine months a mother is carrying a child her body goes through a multitude of changes. This whole change is not only to carry the child, but is also crucial in her bodies ability to birth the child as well. No human being can go from instant good health no baby, to suddenly just popping one out. They would die and the pain would be excruciating!

So we are at the start and there are two big problems this experiment has yet to overcome to even prove a point. Did these men get nine months of preparation to deal with the trauma of a simulated birth? Did they also get a large buildup of endorphines prior to the experiment taking place to offset the pain? The answer…..no and no.

Lastly lets explore two other alternatives to this experiment that were never discussed…….that three out of five women in the US use epidurals, spinal blocks and combined spinal/epidurals for pain.

WHAT!? So over 60% of women who go into child labor use fucking spinal blocks and epidurals during child labor!!!!! That would be the equivalent of me taking morphine and then going and breaking my arm and telling you how bad it hurt. So if you took epidurals and or spinal blocks then you yourself’s didn’t “really” feel natural child birth.

So let’s even assume that these two men were of the two women in the statistic that didn’t take epidurals and or spinal blocks…..what then?

Well their is a plethora of information on the internet dealing with natural child birth. As a matter of fact, many women take it many different ways. Some women it was a traumatic experience marked with numerous complications. For others, literally in their words, “It wasn’t that bad.”

So wait a minute, there is a portion of women that go through child birth and literally claim that it wasn’t that bad? It even gets worse! Some go far as to say that some surgeries that they had were worse, or some other injury they had received in their life was worse than giving birth!

What’ the point I am making? The cute little experiment is nothing but an absolute failure in the sense that it fails to take into account the bodies natural ability to deal with child birth. The fact is that most who experience natural child labor really don’t find it to traumatic, in a manner of speaking, most keep having children. So this short clip really proves nothing, except that they can make things painful, and pain sucks. Really now? But is it THAT painful? is the real question…..

I say obviously not…..people keep having kids…..