The “true” reality of truth

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”  ~ Winston Churchill Truth, ever so deviant and ever so diabolical in its existence, pervasive, evasive and quite persuasive if in the right hands, she is an absolute necessity, yet many wish that she would just vanish. We live in a world where people claim that they want truth, they want honesty, but the question is do they want it even when it hurts?

You see, truth isn’t just a five letter word that can simply be written down, read, understood and discarded as being what it simply is, truth. It, truth, in its very essence carries with it something more. Truth is an abstract yet concrete conceptualized reality, it in some instances already exists, yet in other arenas it is created. It exists already in what we know primarily as objective truths, 2 + 2 = 4. Thusly, truth is created through a process of actions. However, the latter is more ambiguous than the former.  Objective truths are simple to recognize, they are simplistic in our minds because they fit the very course of our everyday existence, and the sky is blue, 2 + 2= 4 and night and day are marching on. We think very little on the objective truths in life because they are so pronounced; they are evidentiary facts of life.

However, when truth comes to actions we seem to hit a snag. You see actions are in human nature indicative to choice. Our actions typically, as a species, have an underlying aim, goal or can be equated to an ideal. We rarely unless forced, do things that we do not want unless it serves a greater purpose to either ourselves or others. Our actions relate to the choices we make, thus giving man the undesirable prospect of possibilities. I say undesirable in the context that choice and possibilities can be debilitating to the human mind. These things can make a person conscious of a decision or make him indecisive in his choice. See, we have a limited capability; we lack the most import key element to making good choices that result in good outcomes, or deciphering out of countless possibilities the most correct or the right choice to influence our actions. The key that is missing in our fledgling existence is foreknowledge. We cannot account for an exact outcome of our actions given our choices in an endless stream of possibilities and know what is to be. So what comes out of this smog of possibilities? It is what most would equate to as the grey area. The zone were neither black nor white simply exist, but our lack of foreknowledge has melded the two together in a way to fog what is and what is not. This friend, if you believe in its existence, is the very essence of free will. Our lack of foreknowledge shadows the possibilities and alienates our choices to a point of insanity.

Is there even a truth behind the mist?

If we were to look at our actions as a pebble being thrown into a lake, we see the similarities with not only the beauty of our universe, but the beauty in our existence. Our actions are like ripples in time, cascading over the effervescent lake of life itself. You see, actions when created out of choice, simply create in itself more actions, thus creating another set of infinite possibilities. So where is truth in this ever flowing ether of reality? The truth is in our actions that we take on our possibilities and through choice we evolve into what our truth is. You, yourself are the truest form of truth itself. What actions you take, and what possibilities you create define what you are. As limitless and daunting it may seem, the path you create is the only truth you can know. That, is what truth is to me.